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Fall, football and tailgating mean it`s time for an overstuffed sandwich on a roll
Sep 21

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And, just like that, it's fall! Whatever mixed emotions you have about summer ending, if you're a football fan, this may be the most wonderful time of the year.

And while many of us will be hosting game-day watch parties, the diehards are not sitting in front of the television __ they're tailgating.

The subject of tailgating food can be a very personal matter. For some people, it's "go big or go home,`` with feasts complete with grills, crock pots and warming trays. For others, it's just a light pre-game gathering with some take- out burgers and a cooler of drinks.

The star of many a tailgate is a submarine, or sub, sandwich. Or, depending where you`re from, you might call it a grinder, hoagie, hero, po` boy, spukie or Italian sandwich. Old comic strip fans might call it a Dagwood.

Whatever the name, we're talking about an overstuffed sandwich on a roll, composed of layers of meats, cheese, condiments and so on. And while it`s easy to pick up at a local sandwich joint, if you want to give your friends and family a treat, why not hit the deli, stock up on your favorite fillings and make your own? (Dressing recipe below.)

Making a fabulous sub requires minimal kitchen skills. It's all about the
ingredients, and a few smart finishing touches.

The classic deli sub tends to be Italian in nature, including the meats, cheeses and some other deli staples. Favorite grinder meats in our house include sopresetta, ham, prosciutto, mortadella and various types of salami. Turkey is another option, as is roast beef.

Lots of choices in cheeses, but my favorite is provolone, with its smooth texture and light sharpness. American cheese, cheddar, Swiss, Munster, fontina and Havarti are also fine choices.

The meats and cheeses should be sliced thinly but piled high. This is not a moment for restraint.

Regarding the bread, you gotta go for the roll. This is a full sandwich, and it needs a large, sturdy roll to hold it all together. You might find rolls actually labeled sub rolls, but also look for Portuguese rolls, hoagie rolls, grinder rolls, hero rolls or Italian rolls. In New York, they sometimes call these kinds of subs wedges, so you might see rolls labeled wedge rolls.

But you can't have a sub with just meats and cheeses _ it's the add-ons that make the sandwich.

Some of my favorite extras include roasted red peppers, store-bought or homemade, sliced tomatoes, finely shredded lettuce, pepperoncini and thinly sliced onion. All of those are a must.

Play around with other jarred condiments, like chopped Calabrian peppers, anything with chopped olives (think muffuletta spread or tapenade), or Giardiniera. You might even find some condiments with names like hoagie spread.

Mayonnaise and mustard are always good options. Sometimes, I swap in a spicy mayo or another sauce or spread. Try remoulade sauce, chipotle mayo or sriracha mayo as variations.

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