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Edmunds: Who offers hands-free driving systems for 2023?
May 24


First off, only a few automakers offer hands-free driving currently, and each gives its own system a different name. Additionally, there are a lot of limitations on what each system can do. Most will only work on certain highways, and other criteria must be met before the system can operate hands-free. The driver still needs to pay attention to the road at all times and be ready to take over when the system requests it or when an emergency maneuver is needed. With that, Edmunds rounds up the most significant hands-free driving systems available this year.




Nissan's ProPilot 2.0 is much like BlueCruise and Super Cruise. When activated under the right conditions, the system can automatically accelerate, brake and steer for the driver. ProPilot 2.0 recently hit the market with the release of the new Ariya electric SUV, the only vehicle currently offering the system on its upper trims. Nissan says the system can operate hands-free on over 200,000 miles of certain highways.


BMW's Extended Traffic Jam Assistant has been available for a few years. It provides hands-free driving at speeds up to 40 mph on certain highways. A new and more capable system is also coming out this year. Called Highway Assistant, it can automatically maintain your speed up to 80 mph and provide automatic lane changes. Information on the system is currently limited, but it will be available on the i7 electric sedan and other high-end BMW models.


Mercedes will release its first hands-free driving system for the U.S. market later this year in the S-Class and EQS electric sedan. It's called Drive Pilot and will be the first Level 3 conditional automated drive system ever offered in the U.

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