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'London literary pub' tour brings writers and writing home
Sep 03

Associated Press

LONDON (AP) _ A playful and IPA-fueled tour unlocks stories linked to London locations where renowned novelists and poets drank and debated literature.

``The London Literary Pub Crawl " allows visitors to sit at the spot George Orwell contemplated ``1984,'' drink where Karl Marx grabbed a pint while in exile and stroll the streets as Virginia Woolf when she battled her demons.

Participants will hear stories of ``A Clockwork Orange'' author Anthony Burgess watching gang fights and walk where poet Dylan Thomas proposed to his wife.

Organized by English writers and actors, the three-hour tour takes attendees through London's Fitzrovia district and ends in Westminster's Soho area.

Tour guide and writer Nick Hennegan says sometimes actors dressed as Woolf or Charles Dickens lead attendees through some the writers' favorite spots.

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