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Bernie Sanders relaunches 'Medicare for All' amid 2020 glare
Apr 10

Associated Press

WASHINGTON (AP) _ Bernie Sanders is set to unveil a new version of his ``Medicare for All'' plan, shaking up the 2020 presidential election by reopening the debate over his call to eliminate private health insurance.

Four of Sanders' fellow senators and rivals for the Democratic nomination are set to sign onto the updated single-payer health care proposal from the Vermont independent Wednesday. The bill's reintroduction promises to shine a light on candidates' disparate visions for the future of American health care.

Under fire from President Donald Trump's GOP for the high price tag of ``Medicare for All,'' some Democrats who support the plan describe it as one of several options to achieve more affordable coverage. And others who don't back it focus instead on safeguarding popular provisions of the Affordable Care Act.

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