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Some Dems demur on 'Medicare-for-all' as pitfalls emerge
Feb 04

Associated Press

WASHINGTON (AP) _ Some of the 2020 Democratic presidential hopefuls are forging ahead with ``Medicare-for-all,'' but others are taking a more cautious approach.

They're flagging the political risks of passing a government-run insurance system through Congress and the daunting transition and higher taxes that would follow.

Experts say the debate so far glosses over the enormous challenges of putting in place a single-payer system with the government fully in control of the $3. trillion U.S. health care system.

Proponents like Sen. Bernie Sanders, the Vermont independent, hold out the promise of health care as a right, the potential for national savings, and no more copays, deductibles or surprise medical bills.

Among the skeptics _ former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg has said the plan would ``bankrupt for us for a very long time.''

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