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Coupons And Vouchers For Drugs Cover A Sliver of Prescriptions

Use of vouchers and coupons offered by pharmaceutical companies to defray patients’ out-of-pocket drug costs is concentrated among a small number of drugs.

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Medicare voucher concerns for oldest state in nation

Maine lawmakers are expected back home this week, with Congress in recess Monday, and local advocates for seniors say the time is ripe to send them a message on Medicare.

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Ryan Medicare plan ‘on the table’

By Andrew Taylor WASHINGTON— The top Republican in the Senate said Sunday that a controversial House Medicare plan is “on the table” as President Barack Obama and his GOP rivals wrestle over budget cuts to enact this summer. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., said on NBC’s Meet The Press that he supports the controversial […]

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Rep. Paul Ryan speaks during the Conservative Political Action Conference in Washington

GOP suggests health cost shift to elderly

Ryan’s plan would put people now 54 and younger in a different kind of health care program when they retire, unlike the Medicare that their parents and grandparents have known. Instead of coverage for a set of benefits prescribed from Washington, they’d get a federal payment to buy private insurance from a choice of government-regulated […]

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