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Skyline Arch - Arches NP

A Visit To Utah’s National Parks Offers Grandeur

A variety of opportunities can be experienced when exploring the five national parks that are strung across southern Utah like jewels on a necklace.

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Why Periodic Check-Ups Are Key to Health, Longevity

For some folks, getting ready for a routine exam with their doctor is like training for a marathon. 

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Moose cow (mother) and babies

Discover Rangeley: Some say it’s the real Maine

Digging our paddles into the shallow water, my son Tom and I steer our canoe around a sharp turn in the river. Suddenly, Tom lets out a loud shout as we come face-to-face with a massive creature standing directly in our path.

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Law ensures adult children can see sick parents

By Catherine Lucey DES MOINES, Iowa — A year after the children of radio personality Casey Kasem had to seek court action to see their ailing father, a new law in Iowa aims to ensure that adult children can see their sick parents — granting them visitation rights unless the person’s guardian goes to court […]

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China revisit offers glimpses into past, present

Billboards that recently touted the benefits of socialism now advertise designer clothes and the latest electronic gadgets.

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Technology allows grandparents face time with grandkids

Every couple of days, Taara McTee, 46, a Reno, Nevada-based Realtor, receives a simple text message from her son on her Android Sidekick mobile phone: “Skype.”

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