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Hospitalizations Signal Rising COVID-19 Risk Seniors

Coronavirus-related hospital admissions are climbing again in the United States, with older adults a growing share of U.S. deaths and less than half of nursing home residents up to date on COVID-19 vaccinations.

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More Vaccinated Travelers Mean Pricier Hotels, Flights

The cost of travel will slowly rebound from historic lows as more people receive COVID-19 vaccinations and book long-deferred trips, according to industry experts.

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Poll: Are You Getting Your Flu Shot And COVID Booster?

With two viruses threatening to make older adults sick this winter, a new poll shows most people over 50 have gotten vaccines to protect them against both influenza and coronavirus, or plan to.

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Medical workers and pedestrians cross an intersection outside the Houston Methodist Hospital on June 9 in Houston. A judge dismissed a lawsuit this month from more than 100 hospital system staffers who objected to its compulsory vaccination.(BRANDON BELL / GETTY IMAGES)

Hard Realities Of Mandated Vaccines for Health Care Workers

Christopher Richmond keeps a running tab on how many workers at the ManorCare skilled nursing facility he manages in western Pennsylvania have rolled up their sleeves for a covid-19 vaccine.

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Mammograms: What To Know About Timing Your Imaging After Your Shot

he foremost network of cancer centers in the United States is recommending that people wait to get certain imaging such as mammograms until four to six weeks after their final dose of their coronavirus vaccine — as long as the delay does not interfere with their health care.

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Biden Challenge: 100 Million Vaccinations In 100 Days Not Easy

It’s in the nature of presidential candidates and new presidents to promise big things. Just months after his 1961 inauguration, President John F. Kennedy vowed to send a man to the moon by the end of the decade.

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