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Older Adults

Vaccinated Older Adults: Get Out and Have Fun

Before COVID-19 vaccines became widely available at the start of the year, limiting exposure to others was the best way to reduce the chance of contracting the illness.

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Next Pandemic We Should Treat Homebound Better

Americans hesitant to get a COVID vaccine shot have been lured out of their bunkers with a cornucopia of goodies offered by the White House and states.

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Being Vaccinated Doesn’t Mean You Must Go Maskless

For more than a year, public health officials have repeatedly told us that masks save lives. They’ve warned us to keep our distance from our neighbors, who’ve morphed into disease vectors before our eyes.

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Now Vaccinated, Older Adults Emerge From COVID Hibernation

Bill Griffin waited more than a year for this moment: Newly vaccinated, he embraced his 3-year-old granddaughter for the first time since the pandemic began.

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Vaccination Side Effects: There’s No Need To Suffer To Benefit But Some Prefer It

If you think vaccination is an ordeal now, consider the 18th-century version. After having pus from a smallpox boil scratched into your arm, you would be subject to three weeks of fever, sweats, chills, bleeding and purging with dangerous medicines, accompanied by hymns, prayers and hell-fire sermons by dour preachers.

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So You’re Vaccinated Against Covid: Now What?

As you surely know, this country’s covid vaccination effort has been plagued by major birth pangs: registration snafus, poor communication, faulty data and a scant supply of vaccine — all exacerbated by inequitable allocation, alleged political favoritism and unseemly jockeying for shots.

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