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How Your 2019 Vacation Can Pay For Your 2020 Vacation

If you’re gearing up for a vacation, you might be wincing at the cost. Plane tickets, hotels, rental cars, meals and activities can turn any getaway into a financial burden.

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Family Overnights Can Be Stressful, Yet Welcome

Soon after my brother returned from a family trip with his two young children many years ago, I asked him how it was.

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Avoid Travel Aches And Pains This Summer

Author T.S. Eliot once wrote, “The journey, not the destination, matters.” As any well-healed traveler can attest, however, the journey can also be rough on the body.

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memorial, parents

Memorial Day Travel Tips For Families Impacted By Dementia

Advise airlines and hotels that you’re traveling with someone who has memory impairment and inform them of safety concerns and special needs.

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Panama Offers More Than The Canal

Panama offers the sun-and-sand attractions enjoyed in most countries that front the Caribbean Sea and Pacific Ocean. Sunbathers find stretches of seashore which are conducive to working on their tans.

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summer vacation with Laurie Stone's family

Surviving The Summer Family Vacation With Adult Children

You know the feeling. Your family’s going to everyone’s favorite summer spot. In our case, it’s the same house in South Yarmouth, Cape Cod each year.

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