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Family Caregivers Not Getting Formal Training

Many family caregivers spend several hours a day helping spouses, parents, partners and other loved ones.

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Study: Older Women Need Strength Training To Ward Off Aging Effects

Regular physical activity may help older women increase their mobility, but muscle strength and endurance are likely to succumb to the effects of frailty if they haven’t also been doing resistance training.

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High-Intensity, HIIT, Workouts Send The Wrong Message

The allure of high-intensity interval training or HIIT is simple; go all-out for as little as one minute and reap the benefits of a 45 or 60-minute workout.

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Certain Training Can Improve Driving Skills of Older Adults

Older drivers can see their driving abilities improve by participating in certain types of training that improves the brain’s processing speed and how the mind reacts when attention is divided.

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The Double Decision computerized speed processing game from Posit Science offers potential to improve cognitive function and reduce dementia risk.

Could brain training prevent dementia?

To date, cognitive psychologists and neuroscientists have largely rejected evidence that computer-based cognitive-training software or “brain games” have any effect on cognitive function.

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An exercise regimen with big benefits, little effort

Some forms of resistance training are aquatics, Pilates, tai chi and yoga — and those activities have the added bonus of social interaction when done in groups.

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