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Hiring caregivers: An agency versus an independent

By Doug Peck Taking care of an elderly parent or relative is never an easy task. There is an endless of number of critical decisions to be made and most are made while under a considerable amount of distress. If you are helping the person either remain in his or her own home, or to […]

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You, too, may become a caregiver

By Douglas Peck Who do you think of when you hear the word “caregiver”? A doctor? A nurse? A Red Cross or disaster aid worker? For most of this century we have tended to think of caregiving as a profession, an occupation that people with certain talents and inclinations choose as their life’s work. That […]

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Small home renovations buy time

It’s a reality of our fragile economy: Many homeowners who dream of the perfect kitchen or master bath are putting full-scale renovation on hold in favor of more limited changes.

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Tips for getting enough physical activity

It may sound daunting: The government says most adults should get 2 1/2 hours a week of physical activity that revs their heart rates. But if you can’t do that much, don’t give up — every little bit helps, especially as people age. “The message should always be to take it slow by setting realistic […]

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AARP’s campaign suggest ways to prepare for disasters

AARP’s Create The Good’s Operation Emergency Prepare toolkit helps individuals and groups get organized before an emergency or natural disaster takes place. The free guide is available at createthegood.org and lays out how to gather resources and prepare. Here are samples of do-ahead tasks: •Secure vital documents. Keep copies in a waterproof container (or a […]

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Yes, you can still sell your home in a down market

The bright side of selling a home in a down market is you get to seek your own bargain if you’re going to buy after you’re done. Closing a sale, however, can be teeth-grindingly slow if you don’t do everything right — and maybe even if you do.

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