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Knee repair: Therapy as good as surgery?

You might not want to rush into knee surgery. Physical therapy can be just as good for a common injury and at far less cost and risk, the most rigorous study to compare these treatments concludes.

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Tinnitus Retraining Therapy, Part 2

By Robert Mario There is no cure for tinnitus, but for many sufferers there is a treatment approach. The work of Dr. Jastreboff, of Emory University, has lead to the conclusion that by retraining the brain to habituate, or ignore certain noises, patients could eventually be free from the annoying symptoms. The method of treatment […]

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What is short-term rehabilitation?

By Angela Penny Short-term rehabilitation facilities provide therapy for individuals recovering from a surgery, illness or accident. Generally, those needing short-term, in-patient rehabilitation may remain involved in their program at a facility for as little as a couple of days to as many as several weeks. Short-term rehabilitation programs help patients achieve their maximum functional […]

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