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Can Teeth Brushing Postpone Alzheimer’s?

You don’t only avoid holes in your teeth by keeping good oral hygiene, Norwegian researchers have discovered a clear connection between gum disease and Alzheimer’s disease.

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Four Ways to Maintain Those Pearly White Teeth

Many older adults, who haven’t had tooth decay since childhood, are surprised to suddenly start getting it again. As we age, our health and habits change.

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Chug, don’t sip? The impact of liquid diets on teeth

Liquid diets are all the rage. We’re bombarded daily with advice on how juicing can cleanse the body, the benefits of protein shakes as meal replacements, and even drinking tea to keep sickness at bay.

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Oral health and missing teeth linked to your wellbeing

Some researchers believe that inflammation in your mouth is linked to other health problems in the rest of your body.

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