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7 Questions Older Adults Should Ask Their Surgeon

Larry McMahon, who turns 80 this month, is weighing whether to undergo a major surgery. Over the past five years, his back pain has intensified. Physical therapy, muscle relaxants, and injections aren’t offering relief.

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Should Elderly Risk Major Surgery? New Research Offers Guidance

Nearly 1 in 7 older adults die within a year of undergoing major surgery, according to an important new study that sheds much-needed light on the risks seniors face when having invasive procedures.

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A Surgery Shatters Retirement Plans And Leads To Bankruptcy

herrie and Michael Foy thought they’d made all the right preparations when they moved to rural southwestern Virginia after Michael retired from Consolidated Edison, New York’s largest utility.  

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Medicare Cost Cutting Rule: Same Surgery, Same Place, Different Bill

A cost-saving change in Medicare launched in the final days of the Trump administration will cut payments to hospitals for some surgical procedures while potentially raising costs and confusion for patients.

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Considering Cataract Surgery? What You Should Know

Betty White, 65, is no stranger to poor vision. She has worn glasses for much of her life. But recently, her glasses weren’t helping.

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The Talk You Need To Have With Doctors Before Surgery

The decision seemed straightforward. Bob McHenry’s heart was failing, and doctors recommended two high-risk surgeries to restore blood flow.

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