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Chewy Chilled Noodles Make The Perfect Summer Salad

As summer continues, warm bowls of chewy, satisfying ramen noodles and soba can take a refreshing turn to become the center of refreshingly chilled salads such as hiyashi chuka.

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Melon Salad With Spicy Pork? A Sweet And Savory Yes!

A summery fruit salad and spicy pork tenderloin might not seem the most natural pairing — until you consider the precedents of pork chops with apple sauce and Italian prosciutto with melon.

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Beat The Heat: Open Windows At Night, Draw Shades During The Day

Opening the windows at night and pulling down shades during the sunniest part of the afternoon can keep homes from becoming dangerously hot during extreme heat waves.

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How To Afford Summer Road Trips Amid High Gas Prices

A summer road trip used to be a cost-effective, easy getaway. This year, soaring gas prices and expensive rental cars might make you think twice about hitting the road.

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How To Pay For Summer Fun: Financing Boats, Rvs & More

Financing options, such as a secured loan, can make the purchase more manageable by spreading out payments. But borrowing isn’t right for everyone. Look at your budget and take into account other expenses, like storage, maintenance and gas.

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Outdoor Safety Tips Keep Summer From Turning Into Bummer

Planning your summer activity bucket list? Before doing so, a little common sense and the right preparation will go a long way in keeping your summer plans safe and fun.

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