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Chocolate In The Morning Could Help Burn Fat

Eating milk chocolate every day may sound like a recipe for weight gain. But a new study of postmenopausal women has found that eating a concentrated amount of chocolate during a narrow window of time in the morning may help the body burn fat.

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If You Skip Breakfast You Are Missing Key Nutrients

Adults who skip breakfast are likely to miss out on key nutrients that are most abundant in the foods that make up morning meals, a new study suggests.

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Why Does A Vacation Seem To Fly By So Quickly?

Time not only flies when you’re having fun. Sometimes anticipating a fun event makes it feel like it will be over as soon as it begins.

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Helping Hand More Popular Among Older Adults

New research published in the journal Psychological Scienc is the first to show how behavior intended to benefit others changes as people get older.

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Omega-3 Supplements Do Double Duty In Protecting Against Stress

A high daily dose of an omega-3 supplement may help slow the effects of aging by suppressing damage and boosting protection at the cellular level during and after a stressful event. 

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Cocoa May Protect Your Heart When You’re Stressed

Increased consumption of flavanols could protect people from mental stress-induced cardiovascular events such as stroke, heart disease and thrombosis, according to new research.

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