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Turbulent Stock Market Spooks Some Older Workers, Retirees

The recent turbulence in the U.S. stock markets is spooking some older workers and retirees, a group that was hit particularly hard during the most recent financial crisis.

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Could stock market tumble hurt pensions?

The slide on Wall Street could damage public employee pension funds around the country, most of which haven’t even recovered from the Great Recession.

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Senate examines precious metal scams

By Jennifer C. Kerr WASHINGTON — Some seniors worried about stock market swings look to gold and other precious metals as a safe investment. But, too often, they’ re scammed by telemarketing con artists who wipe out retirement nest eggs after promising huge profits and low risk — but don’ t mention whopping, hidden fees. […]

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Could a market decline help 401(k) retirement?

Money managers say take a breath — downturns could offer opportunities to strengthen your retirement savings for the long run.

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Boomers retire, shift from saving to spending

The market bottom was just two years ago, so investors are still fearful of steep loses. They’re looking for more ways to guarantee that they can turn their savings into a steady income stream without totally handing over control of their money.

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2 years after market low, the little guy is back

“It didn’t feel right to be back in until now,” said Richard Dukas, who heads a public relations firm in New York City. “I still don’t want to put all my money in the market, but I believe we’ve come through the worst of it.”

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