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When To Start Planting Seeds Indoors? Check Your Frost Date

February marks the midpoint of winter, and with spring just over the horizon, many gardeners are dreaming of sunny days and dirty fingernails. For those looking to get a jump on the growing season, starting seeds indoors offers the most gratifying option.

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Gardening, seeds, seedlings, pots

It’s Time To Think Of Gardening Goals For The New Year

Something miraculous happens to gardeners at this time of year. I don’t know what triggers it. Perhaps it was the sight of Christmas trees and lights, or the presence of all those poinsettias.

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Raised Garden Beds Make Gardening Easier

Fairly easy to construct and even easier to maintain, raised garden beds are a great way to raise plants and vegetables in the comfort and convenience of your backyard.

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Greenhouse Gardening Allows Head Start On Season

Gus and Mary Picardo have been eating their own homegrown lettuce since February. By mid-March, they had tomatoes growing on more than four dozen healthy plants.

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Skin Care Tips For Warm Spring And Summer Months

As days are getting longer and temperatures are heating up, people are enjoying more time outdoors and this requires updating skin care routines for the months ahead.

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Spring Cleaning : Shaking Off A Dark Winter

A spring cleanup and decor refresh have always been able to lift moods. But after this long pandemic winter, there’s special satisfaction in clutter removal, extra joy in being creative, particular pleasure in making a space even more your own.

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