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People With Happy Spouses May Live Longer

Research suggests that having a happy spouse leads to a longer marriage, and now study results show that it’s associated with a longer life, too.

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The Things We Do For Love

God bless my husband, Randy. He’s doing something soon he really doesn’t want to do. If left to his own devices, he’d be relaxing in front of the television or playing a gig.

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Marrying Intelligent Women Could Protect Men From Dementia

Research suggests that marrying an intelligent woman helps protect a man from dementia. But another study says that men are terrified of smart women.

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Mindy with her husband, Eddie

My Husband Just Retired and I Feel Like I’m Just Getting Started

It’s been almost two weeks since I got the email from my husband that he was retiring as of that afternoon.

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Couple, caregiver, caregiving, illness, sick

Study: Spousal Caregivers Just Need Some Appreciation to Lift Burdens

There aren’t many roles more stressful than caregiving. The fact that spouses often provide for their ailing partners is quite common in American life.

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Mature couple fighting back to back divorce

Emotional support from your spouse could be a bad thing

Offering your spouse what you believe to be positive support could have negative physiological effects on them, according to new research.

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