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Autopay Among 5 Pandemic-Driven Financial Habits Worth Keeping

For many Americans, spending less amid the pandemic came naturally because of income loss or fewer spending options after restaurants and travel largely shut down.

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Better Savers Spend Less Money On These 3 Things

Reducing spending in three common budget categories may significantly boost your ability to save money. And a small mental trick could help you stick to an ongoing savings plan.

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It’s OK to Spend Money on Yourself … Really

Chronic under spenders can be so terrified about running out of money that they put off health care, ignore needed home repairs or descend into hoarding.

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How stress affects saving, spending habits

Feeling overwhelmed? Stressed about work, a family illness or the holiday season? It turns out that worry and anxiety can have an impact on your wallet.

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Medicare data details hospital, doctor spending

WASHINGTON — Joint replacement was the most common hospital procedure that Medicare paid for in 2013, accounting for nearly 450,000 inpatient admissions and $6.6 billion in billing payments. Among physicians, cancer specialists received the largest payments from Medicare, but much of their reimbursements went to cover the cost of the very expensive drugs to treat […]

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Survey: Many conflicted on gov’t spending cuts

By Tom Raum
 WASHINGTON — As President Barack Obama and lawmakers spar over huge federal deficits, they’re confronted by a classic contradiction: Most Americans want government austerity, a survey shows, but they also want increased spending on a host of popular programs: education, crime fighting, health care, Social Security, the environment and more. Less for […]

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