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Smart Strategies To Fight Back Against Inflation

Few economists predict we’ll return to the double-digit price increases of the late 1970s and early 1980s . But knowing some of the ways consumers coped back then can help you formulate a plan to deal with rising prices.

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Life Expectancy: Underestimation Risks Financial Security

Social Security’s life expectancy calculator predicts I’ll live to about 86. An insurance company’s version says I should expect to die at 98.

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Social (Security) Distancing: Trump Scheme Harms The Entitlement

On Aug. 14, Social Security celebrated its 85th birthday. Instead of enjoying the celebration, the program had to deal with an Executive Order from Donald Trump which instructed the IRS to stop collecting the payroll contributions that fund the program.

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Why Taking Social Security Benefits Early Costs Too Much

Starting Social Security early typically means getting a smaller benefit for the rest of your life. The penalty is steep.

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Social Security: Trump’s Idea To Eliminate Payroll Tax Doesn’t Add Up

President Donald Trump’s push to cut Social Security payroll taxes for the rest of the year, and even arguing for a permanent cut, would do little to bolster the coronavirus-battered economy

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Trump Risks Future Of Social Security & Medicare

President Donald Trump on Saturday bypassed the nation’s lawmakers as he claimed the authority to defer payroll taxes and replace an expired unemployment benefit with a lower amount.

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