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Will Retirees TRUST Romney Plan For Social Security?

Romney warned that without legislative action, the Medicare Hospital Insurance, Social Security Disability Insurance, and Social Security Old-Age and Survivors Insurance — would be exhausted in the next 13 years.

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Social Security

Will You Get What Social Security Promises?

The Social Security Administration will happily forecast your future monthly retirement check. Trouble is, it’s often off the mark.

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The 6 Biggest Retirement Mistakes, And 1 Defense

One of the biggest retirement mistakes you can make is not realizing what you don’t know.

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Social Security 2100 Act Aims To Fix The Entitlement

According to bill sponsors, the Social Security 2100 Act increases benefits for all current and future Social Security recipients, cuts taxes for almost 12 million seniors, and ensures the system remains solvent for the rest of this century.

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Social Security

Social Security Myths You Shouldn’t Believe

Researchers tell us that most people would be better off waiting to claim Social Security benefits. Yet most people file early.

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Retirees Lose By Taking Social Security At Wrong Time

It’s tough to decide when to start taking Social Security benefits and it appears many people are shorting themselves with their choice. 

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