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Megan Baker (left) of Papa & Barkley Co., a cannabis company based in Eureka, Calif., shows Shirley Avedon different products intended to help with pain relief. (Stephanie O’Neill for KHN)

Day-Tripping: People In Pain Hop Aboard The Canna-Bus

Shirley Avedon, 90,­­ had never been a cannabis user. But carpal tunnel syndrome and an aversion to conventional steroid and surgical treatments is prompting her to consider some new options.

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older Americans and prescription drugs poll

Older Americans Don’t Get Enough Help From Doctors & Pharmacists on Drug Costs

The majority of Americans age 50 and older take two or more prescription medicines to prevent or treat health problems, and many of them say the cost weighs on their budget, a new poll finds.

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Impact Of The Fy 18 Trump Budget On Massachusetts Aging

Mass Home Care said this morning that the FY 18 budget by President Trump is “no path for Congress to follow,” and said it will oppose the elimination of several key programs that are key to the economic security of seniors.

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Senior woman holding hands with doctor in home

Study: Are dementia cases beginning to slow down?

In a hopeful sign for the health of the nation’s brains, the percentage of American seniors with dementia is dropping, a new study finds.

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Observation, Medicare, hospital

Hospital observation: Does new law go far enough?

Medicare covers care in skilled nursing facilities, but only for patients who were first formally admitted to a hospital for three consecutive days.

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elders computer bills finance

Why aren’t older folks using online tools for medical information?

Even though most seniors have cell phones and computers, they still don’t go online to find answers to medical questions, contact doctors or fill prescriptions.

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