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The Delicate Issue Of Taking Away A Senior’s Smartphone

At Johns Hopkins Medicine, Dr. Halima Amjad now asks older patients if they use a computer or smartphone and are having trouble such as forgetting passwords or getting locked out of accounts.

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Will Legislation Ensure Retirement Security?

Federal policy on retirement security is one chaotic mess right now. Just consider the contradictory state of affairs when it comes to pensions and retirement income. 

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Are You In For A Financial Rude Awakening When You Retire?

For anyone planning to retire after age 61, the chances of meeting your income and standard-of-living goals can fall sharply if you do not work at least to that age. 

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Facebook Privacy Settings: How To Make Your Account Secure

Social media giant Facebook is gradually making changes to the design of its privacy settings page in order to make it easier for users to see what information is accessible through their account and how it is being used.

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How Equifax Just Changed The Rest of Your Life

Adding freezes to your credit reports is an appropriate response to the massive Equifax database breach that exposed the private information of 143 million Americans.

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Social Security And How It Relates To The Debt Ceiling

Social Security is largely unaffected by this event because the system has layers of dedicated funding. The program has exclusive claims on payroll tax revenue.

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