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Medicare Enrollees Warned About Deceptive Marketing Schemes

Mailers designed to look like official government forms. Buses sporting scam pitches for Medicare websites. TV commercials featuring celebrities who encourage people to sign up for Medicare plans that do not always include their current doctors.

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Financial Abuse: Help Loved Ones Protect Themselves

In 2020, the FBI reported a record amount of cybercrime complaints adding up to over $4.1 billion in losses. More than half of those losses were suffered by people aged 50 and older.

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Coronavirus Scams: Guard Against Fraud

Con artists are finding lots of marks amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Watchdog groups and authorities report a surge of complaints about scams targeting people who fear catching the virus or need money due to lost income.

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7 Tips to Keep Hackers, Crooks, Scammers Out Of Your Smartphone

You love your  smartphone, in fact, it’s often your biggest confidant when it comes to sharing important personal information.

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Don’t Be Duped By These Phone And Email Scams

Some of us in the personal finance realm have a weird little hobby: We try to scam the scam artists.

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Scam Weakness May Be Warning Sign Of Dementia

Elder fraud is a huge problem, and Monday’s study doesn’t mean that people who fall prey to a con artist have some sort of dementia brewing.

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