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Outdoor Safety Tips Keep Summer From Turning Into Bummer

Planning your summer activity bucket list? Before doing so, a little common sense and the right preparation will go a long way in keeping your summer plans safe and fun.

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Why We Wrongly Believe Our Friends Will Protect Us From COVID

People may feel less vulnerable and take fewer safety precautions about COVID-19 when they are with, or even just think about, their friends instead of acquaintances or strangers, according to research published by the American Psychological Association.  

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When Shoveling Snow Is Bad For Your Heart

A snowfall can provide a beautiful wintry landscape. It also brings the chore of shoveling it from your driveway and walkway. What may seem like a simple task, though, can also raise your risk for a heart attack.

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Buying Sunglasses? Read This First

Not all sunglasses are created equal. While the choices are endless, there’s only one thing that tops all sunglass considerations and it has nothing to do with price or brand names.

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Older Adults

Vaccinated Older Adults: Get Out and Have Fun

Before COVID-19 vaccines became widely available at the start of the year, limiting exposure to others was the best way to reduce the chance of contracting the illness.

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Being Vaccinated Doesn’t Mean You Must Go Maskless

For more than a year, public health officials have repeatedly told us that masks save lives. They’ve warned us to keep our distance from our neighbors, who’ve morphed into disease vectors before our eyes.

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