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Start Early To Get Your House Retirement-Ready

Many people want to remain in their homes after they retire rather than move to a senior living facility or community. Unfortunately, most homes aren’t set up to help us age safely and affordably.

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Financial Resolution: It’s Time To Get Back On Track

We’re foure months into 2021. Let’s check on those financial New Year’s resolutions. Quite possibly, they’ve already gone awry.

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Medicare Cost Cutting Rule: Same Surgery, Same Place, Different Bill

A cost-saving change in Medicare launched in the final days of the Trump administration will cut payments to hospitals for some surgical procedures while potentially raising costs and confusion for patients.

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Better Savers Spend Less Money On These 3 Things

Reducing spending in three common budget categories may significantly boost your ability to save money. And a small mental trick could help you stick to an ongoing savings plan.

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Medicare Insolvency Looms But There’s A Fix

The most urgent retirement issue facing the new Biden administration and Congress is not Social Security reform or figuring out how to boost savings in 401(k)s and IRA accounts.

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Financial Calamity: When Life Blows Up Well-Laid Plans

Job loss, business failure, involuntary retirement, divorce, disability or the death of a breadwinner, these are just some of the ways our finances can force us to come up with a Plan B.

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