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For Medicare Advantage: 6 Pitfalls To Avoid

Only 3 in 10 Medicare beneficiaries shop around during open enrollment, according to a 2022 analysis from KFF, a health policy nonprofit — and only 1 in 10 Medicare Advantage enrollees voluntarily switch plans.

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How To Plan For Retirement Together

Retirement is an exciting time for couples, with the promise of more freedom and more time to spend together. It’s also a major lifestyle change that should be planned for both emotionally and financially.

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More Workers Worry They Can’t Afford Retirement

Americans are not feeling good about their financial standing when it comes to preparing for retirement. Workers and retirees are nearly as worried about making their retirement money last as they were during The Great Recession.

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Will You Face A Tax Bomb In Retirement?

Good savers, beware. The money you’re stuffing into your 401(k) and other retirement accounts has to be withdrawn someday.

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Nearly 70 Percent Of Americans Plan To Work In Retirement

Working through retirement may seem like an absurdly oxymoronic approach to one’s golden years, yet it’s becoming the norm.

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Why Social Security Checks Are About To Get A Lot Bigger

The U.S. government announced Thursday that Social Security beneficiaries will see an 8.7 percent increase in monthly payments this upcoming year, the largest increase in four decades.

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