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Stock Market Slump Unsettling Americans Eying Retirement

Americans on the cusp of retiring are facing a tough choice as they watch their nest eggs shrink: Stay the course or keep working.

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Retirement Planning: 3 Tasks That Will Pay Off Later

After a working lifetime of alarm clocks and meetings, you might be looking forward to a lot more unstructured time once you retire. But taking care of one more to-do list early on can set you up for a better retirement.

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How To Help Your Parents Navigate Health Care In Retirement

Many adults find themselves helping their aging parents sign up for Medicare, a complex process with many steps and considerations. There are penalties for delaying enrollment, and not everyone understands their options. 

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How To Make Budgeting As Painless As Possible

Budgeting is a pain. But what’s more painful is a bill you can’t easily pay, debt that costs a fortune or not having enough money to retire. 

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Medicare Limits Coverage Of $28,000-A-Year Aduhelm

Medicare said it will limit coverage of a $28,000-a-year Alzheimer’s drug whose benefits have been widely questioned, a major development in the nation’s tug-of-war over the fair value of new medicines that offer tantalizing possibilities but come with prohibitive prices.

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If Congress Adds Dental Coverage to Medicare, Should All Seniors Get It?

William Stork needs a tooth out. That’s what the 71-year-old retired truck driver’s dentist told him during a recent checkup.

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