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How essential are prenuptial agreements for seniors?

By Linda T. Cammuso When my clients plan to marry, I advise them that a prenuptial agreement should be considered before they take that life-changing step. When individuals have reached their senior years, the prenuptial agreement takes on new significance, as much more may be at stake than people realize. Your net worth may exceed […]

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Retirees may find their benefits targeted for cuts

It’s a case of broken promises. A growing number of companies are reneging on health insurance and other retirement benefits, leaving retirees scrambling and sometimes uninsured.

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7 resolutions for retirees in 2012

Retirees may be past the days of resolving to work out more or buy fewer $4 coffees. Yet when it comes to money in particular, resolutions may be even more important for those living on fixed income.

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Report: Mass. cities face $20B retiree health care burden

The $20 billion represents what local governments would have to pay for lifetime health care benefits already earned by 150,000 current employees and retirees. The report said the figure was likely understated, because it assumes 5 percent annual growth in health care costs, when actual increases have exceeded 10 percent over the last decade in […]

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