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In Older Adults, a Little Excess Weight Isn’t Such a Bad Thing

Millions of people enter later life carrying an extra 10 to 15 pounds, weight they’ve gained after having children, developing joint problems, becoming less active, or making meals the center of their social lives.

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Laughter Really Is The Best Medicine Research Finds

Laughter and humor are potent tools that can significantly impact our wellbeing, according to research conducted by the University of Warwick.

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wild blueberries

Wild Blueberries Help Burn Fat, Study Reveals

A cup of wild blueberries a day may keep low energy at bay. The berries have long been hailed as a super food. While they’re known for a plethora of health benefits, new research proves this super fruit could help burn fat during exercise.

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nightmares, stroke

Sleep Problems? You May Have An Increased Stroke Risk

People who have sleep problems may be more likely to have a stroke. Sleep problems included getting too much or too little sleep, taking long naps, having poor quality sleep, snoring, snorting and sleep apnea. In addition, those who had five or more of these symptoms had an even greater risk of stroke.

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older employees

Stereotypes About Older Employees Lead To Premature Retirements

Unproductive, inflexible, and less motivated: These are some of the most common stereotypes about older employees. Even though the stereotypes are usually unfounded, they nevertheless influence how older employees perceive themselves and their status in the workplace.

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COVID-19, dementia, yoga

Yoga May Help To Prevent Frailty In Older Adults

Frailty, which can emerge from a variety of causes, is estimated to affect up to half of individuals over age 80. Frailty can make it more difficult to live independently, decrease quality of life, and increase risk of death.

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