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5 Home-Buying Tips For First-Timers And Old-Timers

With a seller’s market in many parts of the country, these tips are even more important as you battle other buyers for the home of your dreams.

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The Most And Least Affordable Places To Buy A Home

Whether you can afford a home depends, a lot, on the city you want to call home. A modest income can go a long way in Cumberland, Maryland, the metropolitan area with the nation’s most affordable houses.

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How to Buy Your Last Home to Age in Place

We’re not the only people who didn’t think far enough into our future. The vast majority of homebuyers and remodelers don’t consider what it might be like to grow old in their homes.

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Things to consider when helping a child buy a home

That trend is prompting many parents to step in, some opening their wallets, others welcoming their adult children to live with them again temporarily while they save money or pay down debt.

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