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Trump Vows to Protect Medicare, But At Patients’ Expense

The bottom line: The proposed changes might make it a bit simpler to find a doctor who takes new Medicare patients, but it could lead to higher costs for seniors.

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House Democratic Caucus Chairman Rep. John B. Larson, D-Conn., talks about jobs and the economy as the House of Representatives returns to work from its winter break, at the Capitol in Washington, Wed., Jan. 18, 2012.   (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)

New Bill Could Make Social Security Better For Everyone

The bill includes a tax cut for middle-income seniors and other beneficiaries who are currently required to pay federal income tax on their benefits, and gradually increases the contributions (FICA) of workers and their employers.

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Are Republicans planning to overhaul Social Security?

Rep. Sam Johnson of Texas introduced legislation just before the end of the congressional session last week that he said would “permanently save” the program.

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Obama drops controversial Medicare proposal

WASHINGTON — The Obama administration said Monday it will pull the plug on proposed changes to the Medicare prescription program that ran into strong opposition on Capitol Hill. Among other changes, the regulation proposed to remove three classes of drugs from a special protected list that guarantees seniors access to a wide selection of critical […]

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Romney would raise eligibility age for Medicare

By David Espo DETROIT — Four days before critical primary elections, Republican presidential contender Mitt Romney outlined a far-reaching plan Friday to gradually delay Americans’ eligibility for Medicare as well as Social Security. Romney said the shift, as people live longer, is needed to steer the giant benefit programs toward economic sustainability. Speaking to the […]

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