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Hiring caregivers: An agency versus an independent

By Doug Peck Taking care of an elderly parent or relative is never an easy task. There is an endless of number of critical decisions to be made and most are made while under a considerable amount of distress. If you are helping the person either remain in his or her own home, or to […]

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Estate Planning: The right professional can make it easy

By Linda T. Cammuso One of the primary reasons people procrastinate establishing a will or other estate plan documents is apprehension about the process. Whether it’s the unpleasantness of considering mortality or the burden of gathering information and making decisions, some people view estate planning as the legal equivalent of an invasive dental procedure. In […]

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Can’t decide how to redecorate?

But for many folks, who are more self-critical than self-confident, the journey to the ideal wall color or room style is fraught with angst. What if you choose wrong and visitors to your home snicker? What if you spend all that money and don’t get it right?

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