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Ideas To Curb Surprise Medical Bills has Bipartisan Push

Surrounded by patients who told horror stories of being stuck with hefty bills, President Donald Trump recently waded into a widespread health care problem for which almost everyone is at risk: surprise medical billing.

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Dissecting The Rhetoric Vs. Reality Of Trump’s Tough Talk On Drug Prices

President Donald Trump has railed against the high price of prescription drugs and famously bemoaned how pharmaceutical companies are “getting away with murder.” Yet, many Americans aren’t seeing a change in what they pay out-of-pocket.

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Will Trump fix Social Security’s long-term shortfall?

Now that Donald Trump is President-elect Trump, people are starting to ask: how will he deal with the ever widening gap in Social Security’s long-term financing?

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Trump open to Social Security changes if elected

Policy adviser Sam Clovis said at a Washington conference that Trump would be open to a bipartisan look at entitlement spending once he implemented his other policies.

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Waivers may give next president way out of health care feuds

By Ricardo Alonso-Zaldivar WASHINGTON — Republican or Democrat, the next president will have the chance to remake the nation’s health care overhaul without fighting Congress. The law signed by President Barack Obama includes a waiver that, starting in 2017, would let states take federal dollars now invested in the overhaul and use them to redesign […]

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Obama budget ignores Social Security, Medicare fixes

Speaking at a news conference a day after releasing his 2012 budget — a $3.73 trillion spending plan — Obama said the politically explosive changes in those programs cannot be solved through dictates from the White House. The White House budget proposal does not address reforms to the Social Security pension system, Medicare medical insurance […]

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