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What You Should Know Before Elective Procedures

Hospitals, outpatient clinics and physicians’ practices have started providing elective medical procedures; services that had been suspended for several months.

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Conflicting COVID Messages Create Cloud Of Confusion

Since the start of the pandemic, the public has been barraged by conflicting messages.

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5 Ways to Lower Your Skin Cancer Risk

Summer is here, but enjoying longer and sunnier days outdoors means your skin is vulnerable to sunburn and health risk. 

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Know The Facts About Skin Cancer

“If undetected or untreated, skin cancers lead to loss of vital functions or death. It is important to keep an eye on your skin and watch for changes that could be a sign of skin cancer.”

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Chug, don’t sip? The impact of liquid diets on teeth

Liquid diets are all the rage. We’re bombarded daily with advice on how juicing can cleanse the body, the benefits of protein shakes as meal replacements, and even drinking tea to keep sickness at bay.

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Too much sun, mosquito bites can wreck tropical vacation

If the last blast of winter has you longing for sun-soaked beaches in tropical locales, be sure to stop at the drug store for sunscreen and insect repellant before leaving for spring vacation.

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