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Lowering Medicare Age Could Help Keep Older Americans Financially Stable

Lowering the age when older adults can enroll in Medicare might save them a lot of money, even if the age drops only a year or two from the current age of 65, a new study suggests.

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Starving Seniors: How America Fails To Feed Its Aging

Army veteran Eugene Milligan is 75 years old and blind. He uses a wheelchair since losing half his right leg to diabetes and gets dialysis for kidney failure.

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US president Lyndon B. Johnson signs the Medicare Bill into law in 1965, one of a suite of policies aimed at ending poverty in America. L

AHCA: War on Poverty Now a War on The Poor

I was about to turn 17 when President Lyndon Baines Johnson declared a War On Poverty in his State of the Union speech in 1964. Johnson was responding to a national poverty rate at the time of around 19 percent

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Why woman are more likely than men to experience poverty in retirement

These are women who raised children and cared for sick and elderly family members, often taking what savings and income they had and spending it on things besides their own retirement security.

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Older divorced women likely to be poor

More and more adults are entering their golden years alone, either through divorce, or by choosing to stay unmarried. For older women, Social Security benefits may not stave off poverty.

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Massachusetts elders face worst “independence gap” in nation

By Al Norman March roared in like a lion with the release of a report by a national group called Wider Opportunities for Women (WOW), which found that seniors in Massachusetts face the largest gap in the nation between income and the cost of basic expenses. You might call this disparity the “independence gap” because […]

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