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5 Ways To Manage Political Stress

No matter what your political beliefs or affiliations, it’s safe to say all Americans are now living through a unique moment in our nation’s history.

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Are Older Voters Apathetic Or Just Bored?

There’s an old joke in which an elderly voter is asked: “Are seniors ignorant, or just apathetic about politics?”

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Politics and body odor: The scent of a soulmate

Conservatives and liberals don’t smell the same to potential mates, and people prefer the body odor of those who vote like they do.

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Do you think Social Security benefits are too generous?

A political debate is raging among policy experts, economists and actuaries about the most important measure of Social Security benefit adequacy: just how much pre-retirement income is replaced.

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As Social Security turns 80, it needs some help

While the program has more than $2.7 trillion in reserves, the retirement portion has been paying out more in benefits than it collects in payroll taxes since 2010.

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Acceptance: The new American way

In a relatively short span, American views have shifted on everything from gay marriage to marijuana legalization to illegal immigration and, perhaps, more.

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