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Pets, Touch And COVID-19: Furry Friends Are Lifesavers

Pets have literally been lifesavers in 2020 as the COVID-19 pandemic has forced people into lockdown and social isolation.

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Pets Can Protect Against Suicide In Older People

Older people are more likely to experience complex health needs, social isolation and loneliness, and fear of burdening their families.

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There’s More Time To Dote On Libby, The Perfect Dog

Maybe you’re contemplating getting a dog. If that’s true, let me recount how Libby makes life better, with one small exception.

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A Not-So-Shaggy Dog Story About Companionship

It was the end of a chilly Wednesday in late November and I had a car full of blankets made for dogs living in a shelter.

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Poll: Pets Help Us Cope With Health and Emotional Issues

A curled-up cat, a tail-wagging dog, a chirping parakeet or even a serene goldfish may help older adults cope with mental and physical health issues.

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Tales Of Parental Caregiving: Cat On A Plane

As crazy-making as it can be to care for aging parents sometimes, there also can be moments of snort-stuff-out-your-nose hilarity.

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