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A Not-So-Shaggy Dog Story About Companionship

It was the end of a chilly Wednesday in late November and I had a car full of blankets made for dogs living in a shelter.

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Poll: Pets Help Us Cope With Health and Emotional Issues

A curled-up cat, a tail-wagging dog, a chirping parakeet or even a serene goldfish may help older adults cope with mental and physical health issues.

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Tales Of Parental Caregiving: Cat On A Plane

As crazy-making as it can be to care for aging parents sometimes, there also can be moments of snort-stuff-out-your-nose hilarity.

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4 Tips For Keeping Your Pet Safe This Summer

There are thousands of reasons to love the summer, and if you’re a pet owner, you love summer more than most.

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Pets In Nursing Homes Bring Both Benefits And Risks

Pets that visit nursing homes or live there with a resident can be a benefit to all, but administrators also need to consider possible risks like injuries and illness and develop policies to avoid them.

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Laurie Stone with her dog Libby

How Dogs Can Teach Us To Stay Chill In This Insane World

Don’t we all feel turmoil in the air? There’s too much happening, too fast. The planet seems scarier and more chaotic than ever.

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