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Could Certain Personality Traits Predict Cognitive Impairment?

People who are organized, with high levels of self-discipline, may be less likely to develop mild cognitive impairment as they age, while people who are moody or emotionally unstable are more likely to experience cognitive decline late in life.

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How Personality Traits Affect Retirement Spending

How quickly you spend your savings in retirement may have as much or more to do with your personality than whether you have a lot of debt or want to leave an inheritance. 

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Laurie Stone Introvert

What Are the Seven Coolest Things About Being An Introvert?

You know the feeling. You spend much of your life thinking something’s wrong. You’re alone a lot, usually with your nose in a book or daydreaming.

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Older men cling to 1950s, ’60’s blueprint of masculinity

As men age, they continue to follow dominant ideas of masculinity learned as youth, leaving them unprepared for the assaults of old age.

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Are you a jerk? Take this test to find out

There are, presumably, genuine jerks in the world. And many of those jerks, presumably, have a pretty high moral opinion of themselves, or at least a moderate opinion of themselves.

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