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sinking funds

Get On Top Of Planned Expenses With Sinking Funds

In a given year, you likely have expenses that you know are coming, holiday gifts, the family vacation you take every summer, annual homeowners association fees or maybe membership renewals.

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How To Put Your Tax Refund To Work For You

Even though what can feel like a gift from the government is actually a delayed receipt of your own money, the best use of those funds is not always apparent.

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Inflation, budgeting

How To Protect Your Spending Power From Inflation

Inflation, the rise in consumer prices, is a slow erosion of your money over time. Before 2021, the United States hadn’t seen annual core inflation much above 3 percent for the better part of 25 years.

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How To Keep Your Tax Return From Getting Hung Up

There may never be a good time to draw the IRS’ attention, but this year you really want to avoid extra scrutiny. The IRS is so understaffed and overwhelmed that even a tiny mistake could delay your refund for months.

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Home Improvement Funds Upgrade A New House To A Home

If you’re preparing to buy a home, you’ve probably been saving up for the down payment and other closing costs. But if that nest egg can only get you through the front door, it may not be enough.

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If Your Life Changed In 2021, Watch For Income Tax Surprises

The events of 2021 didn’t always play out as expected. A lingering pandemic, a shifting government response and a wave of career moves meant many people ended the year in a far different place from where they began.

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