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What’s In Your 401K? For More Investors, Just 1 Fund

The stakes are high that workers choose wisely because they’re increasingly in charge of their own retirement savings, with traditional pension plans rare and pressures mounting on Social Security.

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Elaine Ryan's dad was a bus driver for 25 years.

What pension reforms has your state made?

Photo: Elaine Ryan’s dad was a bus driver for 25 years.   By Elaine Ryan My pop was a Buffalo city bus driver for 25 years.  Just like millions of Americans – firefighters, nurses, teachers, and other public employees – Pop worked hard and counted on having his pension to help retire with confidence and dignity.  […]

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Low interest, weak stock market hurting pensions

Low U.S. interest rates and a stuttering stock market are hitting corporate pensions hard, but instead of boosting contributions some companies are taking advantage of a new regulatory rule.

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Judge Taft-Carter approves the pension settlement; calls it fair

PROVIDENCE, R.I. — A Superior Court judge on Tuesday rejected the appeals of scores of state workers and retirees and approved a proposed class-action settlement in the pension overhaul case. READ MORE

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Myths about money in retirement punctured

We haven’t saved enough, too many of us retire without financial security, and we may need to work longer to achieve it — assuming we can hang onto our jobs or find new ones. No wonder that workers and retirees are more pessimistic about their future prospects than they’ve been in years.

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No free lunch for the French or for any of us

Chalk it up to sour grapes — pun intended — but I am finding it difficult to empathize with the disgruntled French who now have to wait until age 62 to retire.

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