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Why Some Friends Make You Feel More Supported Than Others

It’s good to have friends and family to back you up when you need it, but it’s even better if your supporters are close with each other too.

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What To Do If Your Parents Need Financial Help

Most parents in the U.S. provide some sort of financial support to their adult children, multiple surveys have found. But often, financial aid goes the other way.

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How To Support People With Dementia

Many older Americans worry about their risk for developing some form of dementia, and with good reason.

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Poll: Pets Help Us Cope With Health and Emotional Issues

A curled-up cat, a tail-wagging dog, a chirping parakeet or even a serene goldfish may help older adults cope with mental and physical health issues.

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Many Caregivers Neglecting Their Own Health

Most caregivers go to medical appointments with the seniors they care for, yet the poll found they’re less likely to get information about self-care, support programs or other services

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Can Having A Considerate Partner Lead To Longer Life?

Research shows having a partner whom you feel understands you, and cares about and appreciates you is linked to better health and well-being.

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