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What Patients Can Learn With Confidence From One Negative Rapid Test

Julie Ann Justo, an infectious disease clinical pharmacist for a South Carolina hospital system, hoped Christmas week would finally be the time her family could safely gather for a reunion.

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How Will Pandemic End? Omicron Clouds Forecasts For Endgame

Pandemics do eventually end, even if omicron is complicating the question of when this one will. But it won’t be like flipping a light switch: The world will have to learn to coexist with a virus that’s not going away.

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As Covid Hits Nursing Homes’ Finances, Town Residents Fight To Save Alzheimer’s Facility

Marvin Querry, 86, was on his tractor, planting rye on his 770-acre western Missouri farm, when the call came in early November.

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Ring In The New Year, Rein In Your Drinking

Two years into a pandemic that has changed how we work, live and play, another change has the potential for far-reaching impact: rising alcohol use.

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Feeling Powerless, Families Bring Elderly Home From Nursing Homes

Pushed up to the breakfast table, Betty Bednarowski folds and refolds her napkin with studied intensity, softly singing “Winter Wonderland” without the words, the same as she did in March and July and September.

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Pandemic Depression Persists Among Older Adults

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on the mental health of older people living in the community, with those who are lonely faring far worse.

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