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Nursing Homes, Assisted Living Centers Must Reopen For Mental Health Sake

For nearly a year, nursing homes and assisted living centers have been mostly closed to visitors. Now, it’s time for them to open back up and relieve residents of crushing isolation.

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spelling bee

The ‘Spelling Bee’ is Addicting, Fun & Torturous

Life is stressful. But there’s one thing my mom and I do that takes the edge off. The New York Times publishes a daily game called “The Spelling Bee.”

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Online Shopping Popular With Older Shoppers

In November, Paula Mont did something new: The 86-year-old, who hasn’t left her New Jersey senior living community in nearly a year, went shopping, online.

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Helping Older Adults Exercise During The Pandemic

Last winter, 12 to 20 older adults were exercising three days a week at the United Methodist Community Life Center through the Healthy Movement class led by South Dakota State University Exercise Science Club members.

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Couples Experience Sadness, Anger During Pandemic

There have been no shortage of conflicts arising from the era of COVID-19, and that includes the challenges at home between married couples. 

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For Valentine’s Day, Bring Joy To An Older Family Member

Bringing joy to older family members is challenging as loved ones take special precautions to keep them healthy, including limiting or eliminating visits and other activities that can cause COVID-19 to spread. 

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