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The Time Has Come for DIY Mandates On Covid

Here we are in the grip of yet another covid-19 surge, yet most people I see out and about are behaving as if the pandemic is over.

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Booster Now Or Wait? Riding Out Covid’s Next Wave

Gwyneth Paige didn’t want to get vaccinated against covid-19 at first. With her health issues she wanted to see how other people fared after the shots.

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Older Adults Share What It Takes To Age Well During COVID

Despite the pandemic’s terrible toll on older adults, a new national poll shows that most people over 50 still say their health is as good as it was before March 2020, or even better.

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Nursing Home Care, Funding System Need Overhaul, Report Says

Nursing home residents are subjected to ineffective care and poor staffing, while facility finances are shrouded in secrecy and regulatory lapses go unenforced, according to a report that called for wholesale changes in an industry whose failures have been spotlighted by the pandemic.

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When Symptoms Linger For Weeks, Is It Long Covid?

Many Americans are discovering that recovering from covid-19 may take weeks or even months longer than expected, leaving them with lingering symptoms like intense fatigue or a racing pulse. But does that mean they have what’s known as long covid?

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Travel In the Time of Covid: Getting There Is Easy — It’s Getting Home That’s Hard

I’m being held captive in England by the U.S. government. On the day my wife and I were to fly home from London after a brief visit, we took a covid-19 test, as required by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to travel to the U.S.

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