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How To Get The Most Out Of Online Reviews

Many online purchases are based on careful consideration of star ratings and product reviews left by complete strangers.

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How To Research And Buy Affordable Drugs Online

The high cost of prescription drugs is an ongoing health crisis for millions of Americans who are desperate for relief.

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Is New App From Feds Your Answer To Navigating Medicare Coverage?

Milt Roney, a 71-year-old retired government worker in a well-to-do suburb of Washington, D.C., agreed to check out the app with me, though he was skeptical from the outset.

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How to Successfully Prepare For Your Digital Afterlife

Digital assets can include emails, photos, videos, documents and online accounts such as bank accounts, investment portfolios, social media accounts among others.

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Why aren’t older folks using online tools for medical information?

Even though most seniors have cell phones and computers, they still don’t go online to find answers to medical questions, contact doctors or fill prescriptions.

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Why online doctor ratings are good medicine

A growing number of health consumers are consulting online physician-rating sites when choosing doctors even if the value of those sites . Whether they’re reliable sources for information, or capable of driving improvements in health care is in dispute.

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