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Education, Less Stress = Psychological Wellbeing For Older Women

Having a four-year college degree and a low level of stress are strongly linked to psychological resilience in American women aged 80 and older, a new study suggests. 

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Why Women May Be More Susceptible To Alzheimer’s Disease

Case Western Reserve University researchers have identified a mechanism in brain tissue that may explain why women are more vulnerable to Alzheimer’s disease—a finding that they say could help lead to new medicines to treat the disease.

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Breast Cancer Screening: Understanding Risk & Age

Besides skin cancer, breast cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer in women in the United States and will result in an estimated 43,250 deaths in the nation this year, according to the American Cancer Society.

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Women Already Live Longer: They Can Live Better With Improved Diet

Women tend to live longer than men but typically have higher rates of illness. Now, new research suggests these higher rates of illness can be improved by a better diet.

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Exercise Is Key To Strength And Function In Older Women

A higher protein diet when combined with exercise does not appear to result in any added benefits to body composition and muscle strength in overweight older women. On their own, exercise and eating higher protein diets are known to help people lose weight and increase strength. But combining both strategies doesn’t necessarily magnify their effects. […]

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Social Isolation, Loneliness Increase Heart Disease Risk In older Women

During the pandemic, social distancing has been encouraged to reduce the spread of COVID-19. But a new study reveals as much as a 27 percent increase in heart disease risk in postmenopausal women who experience both high levels of social isolation and loneliness.

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