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Older Americans Rate Their Health As Good Or Excellent

A common myth about aging is that older adults are burdened by illness and feel lousy much of the time.

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Daily Steps May Mean Longer Life For Older Women

Older women who get in enough steps each day to walk the equivalent of about two miles might still live longer than their less active counterparts

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Aging: The Natural Stress Reliever For Many Women

While some research suggests that midlife is a dissatisfying time for women, other studies show that women report feeling less stressed and enjoy a higher quality of life during this period. 

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One Man’s Sad Story: Foreclosure Rate High Among Older Americans

My friend Bob is 73 years old. He lives alone with his dog Moxie in a small town in Western Massachusetts. For all his adult life, Bob has worked as a builder and carpenter.

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Older Entrepreneurs An Untapped Force For Economic Stability

The number of older entrepreneurs outweighs that of young adults, suggesting that people of 50 years and older still have a significant role to play in economies around the world.

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In Praise of Marrying Later in Life

I remained single until I was nearly 44. I’m in awe of people who marry in their teens or 20s and are able to stay (happily) married for decades, but I wasn’t anywhere near ready to make that kind of commitment.

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