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password manager

Why Older Adults Use (And Do Not Use) Password Managers

Researchers conduct first-of-its-kind survey of older adults to find motivations and barriers to adopting password managers.

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emergency care

Emergency Care: Costs, COVID-19 Risk Top Concerns About Seeking Treatment

Even before the pandemic, older Americans had concerns about seeking emergency care because of the costs they might face, the amount of time they might spend in the waiting room and the worry that they might end up hospitalized.

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Vaccines: What Older Adults Can Expect With Roll Out

Vaccines that protect against COVID-19 are on the way. What should older adults expect? The first candidates, from Pfizer and Moderna, could arrive before Christmas, according to Alex Azar, who heads the Department of Health and Human Services.

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Lifetime Experiences Help Build Resilience to Pandemic Trauma

Older adults are especially vulnerable physically during the coronavirus pandemic. But they’re also notably resilient psychologically, calling upon a lifetime of experience and perspective to help them through difficult times.

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Moderna Vaccine May Work As Well In Older Adults

Moderna Inc said its experimental COVID-19 vaccine induced immune responses in older adults similar to those in younger participants.

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Dementia Patients Taking Drugs With Risks

Nearly three-quarters of older adults with dementia have filled prescriptions for medicines that act on their brain and nervous system, but aren’t designed for dementia, a new study shows.

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