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10 Movies That Connect Generations

Movies both bring us together and bridge generational divides. They help us relate to each other and understand past eras.

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Family: Balancing 2 Or More Generations Under One Roof

As people plan their retirement years, more and more are preferring to make the right adjustments at home to age in place, rather than exploring alternatives such as assisted living facilities and nursing homes.

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Practical remodeling tips for multi-generational families

Parents, grandparents and children all living happily together under one roof; it’s an iconic American image you may associate with the good old days.

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Workers strive to bridge generation gap

A preconceived notion that younger workers have a sense of entitlement is exacerbating the gap.

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Multigenerational living good for all

The architectural and social organization of the community is designed to inspire and enhance the daily lives of its inhabitants.

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‘Survivor’s’ new season pits young against old

Take it from an aficionado — Sometimes there’s something real about TV reality shows: Burnett, creator of Survivor is pitting youth against maturity during the next installment of his hit reality TV show on CBS.

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