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Finally Making Peace with Alexa

At first, I wasn’t sure what to think of this strange cylindrical object sitting on our kitchen counter, courtesy of my husband Randy. “Have a nice day,” it would say in a cool, female voice or give the local weather forecast or play whatever song we asked.

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6 Tips To Tap Into The Stress-Busting Power Of Music

Before she studied the plentiful evidence that music can alleviate stress, Ferol Carytsas was a kid who discovered that playing piano made her feel better.

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Music Soothes Soul During COVID-19 Pandemic

In Italy, people isolated by the COVID-19 pandemic stood on apartment balconies, singing “Bella Ciao” together into the night.

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Why some songs get stuck in your head

Almost all of us get songs stuck in our heads from time to time but why do certain tunes have the ‘stick factor’?

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Rock ‘n’ roll dreams come true for adults

A Minnesota band camp is giving baby boomers and younger musicians a chance to prove they are never too old to rock and roll.

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’60s chart toppers songs still going strong

It only takes a few moments of hearing Delores “La La” Brooks break into Da Doo Ron Ron to realize she’s lost little of her ability in the half-century since.

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