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Moving To Escape Taxes? Beware Of A Residency Audit

Many people mistakenly believe they need only spend 183 days of each year outside their former state to win a residency audit.

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How To Zero In On Your Final, Forever Home

When Martha Powers and Larry Gomberg heard the news about Hurricane Florence bringing horrific winds and catastrophic flooding to Wilmington, N.C., they grimaced.

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Downsizing is bittersweet, a personal journey

As I pack up our home of more than 17 years, I gaze out my front window at the weeping cherry that my husband, David, bought me for the first wedding anniversary that we spent in our home. It was so tiny then, fragile, yet elegant.

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Moving 101: Simple ways to streamline your move

The kids have moved out and it’s time to downsize. Whether it’s your first move or your 10th, the process can be overwhelming.

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Moving mom and dad: Some practical tips

Moving is a major life stressor at any age. Whether you are young, or old it can be a burden mentally and physically. Moving one or both parents has additional challenges.

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Downsizing? Setting up a new home is a click away

In a connected world, nesting’s a lot easier than it used to be. There are apps and websites that streamline many aspects of setting up and dismantling a home.

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